Submetering & Tenant utility billing

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Submetering is a type of metering technology that offers the ability to monitor and measure energy usage for individual tenants, departments, pieces of equipment or other loads individually, to account for their actual energy usage. With submetering, you gain a clear and accurate picture of how, where and when energy is being consumed inside a facility.

As a low-cost investment, it provides full transparency of individual energy consumption to tenants, apartment owners and commercial companies. According to the Carbon Trust, it is the best energy technology investment a business can make. Submetering is one of the most efficient measures to save energy, and energy costs, in buildings.

As an additional service offering, Forward Utilities can raise utility invoices which can then be sent directly to the client or tenant. Invoices are raised monthly or quarterly and will include a complete breakdown of each meters consumption and if required an estimate for advanced invoicing using published performance indicators or historical data if available which will then be reconciled once actual data is received.

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